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    1. Company culture



      Service quality innovation cost

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      Company quality policy

      Service Quality Innovation Cost

      Service:The service begins with the customer's needs and runs through the entire process of product realization, product delivery, and product use, and finally customer satisfaction. Continuously providing products and services that exceed customer expectations is our service philosophy that our company has always adhered to and advocated.

      QualityQuality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation for its survival and development. Quality is also a kind of consciousness. It is subjectively pursuing a better product quality or better work quality, always paying attention to work results, and being responsible to the company and customers. Quality awareness should be reflected in every employee's job.

      InnovationIn the face of the changing market environment, only innovation can continuously meet customer requirements and achieve the sustainability of corporate growth. "Product innovation, technological innovation, knowledge innovation" will become the soul of enterprise development.

      CostThe cost and expense management of an enterprise is the core content of the production and operation management of an enterprise and must run through the entire process of production and operation activities. Its basic tasks are: through forecasting, planning, control, accounting, analysis and assessment, reflecting the production and operation results of the enterprise, tapping the potential of reducing costs, and striving to reduce product costs.

      Corporate philosophy

      Corporate values: Who will benefit the company and who will benefit from it?

      Entrepreneurial spirit: we can do a little better

      Enterprise tenet: learning progress, improving quality, integrity, responsibility

      Corporate ethics: trustworthy, honesty

      Corporate style: just set it down and do it.

      Staff Code: Compliance with Law, Loyalty, Dedication

                        Maintain company reputation and protect company interests

                        Obey the leadership, care for subordinates, unite and help each other

                        Take care of public property, save money and save waste

                        Continuous learning, improve levels, and be proficient in business

                        Active, enterprising, realistic and innovative

      Leadership philosophy: Focus on employees, not far from success

      Production concept: Everyone takes a small step and everyone takes a big step forward.

      Warehousing concept: do a good job of warehousing and mining wealth

      Sales philosophy: don't waste customer time

      Financial philosophy: maximizing company value

      R&D philosophy: Keep up with the times and pay attention to details

      Personnel philosophy: no bad employees, only bad management

      Administrative philosophy: to serve the company is to serve yourself

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